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TIME TO CELEBRATE! 2 pieces of GREAT NEWS that can help move the needle with your band in a very real way! 1) We’ve innovated a brand new type of listing for Sonicbids! 2) We’re shaking the ground and moving rock forward… WITH NON-MUSIC TYPES! oooohhhh scaaaaaaary.

We’re now working with Sonicbids on a BRAND NEW type of listing initiated by MOTU AM. This is the first any only kind of this listing put on a gig finder site. This gig does not rely on “promises” of dates and pay, it relies on the music community to come together and make their own fate. Rather than the typical venue listing or promoter listing that takes money out of the artist pocket, we are once again practicing what we preach and have created THIS GIG OPPORTUNITY for bands in IL, IN, KY, MO, and WI. http://www.sonicbids.com/Opportunity/OpportunityView.aspx?opportunity_id=106595 . We spent some time communicating with Sonicbids http://www.sonicbids.com and explaining our intentions and goals in order View full article »

Recently, after reading a few year end sales figures, I felt the need to encourage and reinforce the courage and hearts of the artists that I work with. After all, the numbers from sales, failing radio stations, concert attendance and basically anything that would put a buck in their pockets, are all shockingly low or non-existent.

Coming from outside into the industry (certain people see this as an immense disadvantage telling me “you don’t understand how bands work. you don’t understand how this industry works,” which is of course what every industry says, yet I’ve managed to help make them tens of millions of dollars see http://www.motumanagement.com/?p=126), having experience dealing with and changing actual businesses from start-ups to venture capitalist portfolio pieces to long standing pillars in their respective sectors, I can see what a joke the music industry has been. My feeling is that everyone has known it on some level for quite a while. Artists have been shouting View full article »