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Recently, after reading a few year end sales figures, I felt the need to encourage and reinforce the courage and hearts of the artists that I work with. After all, the numbers from sales, failing radio stations, concert attendance and basically anything that would put a buck in their pockets, are all shockingly low or non-existent.

Coming from outside into the industry (certain people see this as an immense disadvantage telling me “you don’t understand how bands work. you don’t understand how this industry works,” which is of course what every industry says, yet I’ve managed to help make them tens of millions of dollars see http://www.motumanagement.com/?p=126), having experience dealing with and changing actual businesses from start-ups to venture capitalist portfolio pieces to long standing pillars in their respective sectors, I can see what a joke the music industry has been. My feeling is that everyone has known it on some level for quite a while. Artists have been shouting View full article »

With an eye towards cross-regional relationships and spreading good music everywhere, MOTU Artist Management will launch several Regional Tours.

Chicago Bands The Root Cause, Colin Tyler, Fetch and Ballroom Boxer will be traveling through Dekalb IL, Rock Island IL, Davenport IA, Madison WI, Whitewater WI, Milwaukee WI, Libertyville IL and Schaumburg IL on leg 1 and Springfield IL, Bloomington-Normal IL, Champaign IL, St. Louis MO, Louisville KY, Bloomington IN, Inianapolis IN and Chicago on leg 2 of their tours at the end of March and the beginning of May. A regional short tour View full article »

What’s Wrong with The Music Industry

Isn’t that the question on everybody’s mind? Everyone looks at delivery systems, pirating, new music compression, artists for being lazy, the public for changing their minds and killing the rock star. But I think, based on what I’ve seen over and over, I’ll stick with William of Ockham on this one, a.k.a. let’s keep this one simple. I’m sure I’ll be lit up for suggesting these things, but honesty and a good hard look at ourselves is probably in order to keep that beep on the EKG sounding with some level of regularity.

I deal with a lot of people, both in and out of music/entertainment. Some people would say I’m an ass or an idiot, but I think in most cases you’ll find people reviewing me as either passionate, resourceful, reasonable and even nice in a few select situations, or some combination thereof. I work hard behind causes and people that I believe in. They don’t even have to be the best or the coolest at what they do, they just have to have some level of reasonable chops, be sincere, believe in something positive and have heart for what they do. There are plenty of artists that I deal with that other people wouldn’t give a shot. Does that make me stupid? Maybe. But I think there is an audience for View full article »