WAAAAAAY back before the interwebs and downloading music and free tunes if you buy a bundle of pvc pipe from Home Building Supply Depot Max, we had to get our concert information from somewhere. Ya, the national acts had huge advertising campaigns and radio sponsorship and announcements, but what about bands that were actually cool… you know the ones, the “did you ever hear of” bands?

Those cats were slugging it out in the streets. Wild posting, signs and posters every 3 feet, hitting the bars actually meeting people and shaking hands, and then there was the buzz created by word of mouth. For those of you youngsters, GET OFF OF MY LAWN BTW, word of mouth is from a time when people actually made sound come out of the largest hole in the front part of your head not put there by “Liam Badwater from Electro EEL 13 Tatts & Piercings down on 22nd” with the express intent of communicating with another person who would physically be in proximity to yourself. Crazy concept, I know, but we had to do what we had to do.

Those sounds would create words which would tell others about the coolest haps around the city and before you knew it, you were 13 sneaking into a Naked Raygun show at the Aragon that was PACKED with people, all enjoying themselves and buying things called “cassette tapes” (see this video for more info) to continue the experience into the drive home.

Now, Casey Meehan of Rock Proper has decided to launch a super cool new service, Chicago Mixtape where you can have information about AND some songs from bands playing locally in Chicago for the next two upcoming weeks by signing up at www.chicagomixtape.com. This has got to be the coolest thing to happen to local music since Grohl went to Kurt’s show to not pay attention and smoke outside.

Seriously, I could not be more excited about being able to discover new bands, hear about shows that we don’t have time to spend every waking hour researching, and having all that information handed to me for free. Not only does it expand my music library, but it does something that we’re huge fans of, supporting local music.

The reality of the music industry is that tons of really amazing artists slip through the cracks, only ever being heard by a hand full of people in a hand full of clubs and being heard about by even fewer. With vehicles like this in place, the best bands will rise to the top and have a fighting chance at making a living by being a working musician playing the best kind of music… live!

So check it out and let us know what you think. We’re cheating a little bit because we caught wind of it about 2 weeks before the official launch, but that’s yet another advantage of being a friend of MOTU!