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July 17, 2014


CHICAGO- On July 25, 2014 Mike Golden & Friends will headline the House of Blues Chicago for the first time since their recent placement in the critically acclaimed Ubisoft Chicago-based video game “Watch Dogs.” The game has sold over 8 million units worldwide to date, which has helped to shine a spotlight on MG&F and create new opportunities for the band.

A failing traditional music system has artists finding new ways to get the attention of new fans, such as placements in video games and digital properties. The new found attention from “Watch Dogs” has helped MG&F launch a series of firsts: a new and unique merchandise line, pressing the new record (Utopia, featuring Vic Mensa and Donnie Trumpet) on vinyl, increased attention on iTunes, streaming services and social media and unsolicited invitations to play shows outside the Chicago market. The new audience has also sparked new ways to transact with fans, such as accepting cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, for music and merchandise.

“It’s great to see people finding value and enjoying new music in the things they already love to do and we’re happy to be a part of it,” says front man Mike Golden.

Mike Golden & Friends is an independent artist based out of Chicago, Illinois. They have headlined the top venues in Chicago and toured the Midwest United States behind 4 genre-bending albums and play a 17+ ages show at The House of Blues Chicago on July 25th, 2014. Tickets are $12 at the door.

Mike Golden is available for interviews and appearances

Site/Streaming music/Video

After a rousing success in its first year, ChillFest Chicago launches year 2 with early submissions. This pop-up acoustic-based festival is unique as it has the focus of creating strength through community and connection. In its first year it has delivered on that getting participating artists exposure on television, newpaper, radio, online blogs and podcasts, in street advertising and online ads as well as landing some licensing deals and gigs throughout the year. The crowning gig was the South By ChillFest showcase in Austin, TX in mid-march during one of music, film and interactive’s most respected events, South By Southwest. In 2015, ChillFest will double its showcase covering 4 full days over 4 venues as well as placing individual artists in various other showcases along 6th street.

Artists may submit to ChillFest through the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce

On 5-27-14 Ubisoft finally will release a much anticipated game, Watch Dogs, which is expected to change the way games are played into the future. MOTU artist Mike Golden & Friends will be featured in the game. You can hear and download MG&F’s latest release Utopia featuring Vic Mensa at

Mike will also be headlining the opening of a new premier and exclusive Chicago venue, The Throne Room on 5-30-14. TICKET SALES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED TO ONLY 90 for this show so pre-sale is highly recommended.

For more information visit and to purchase tickets

chillfest_logo_image_r4The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring Chicago’s premier acoustic music festival, Chillfest. The Festival is intended to reconnect the eclectic neighborhood with its roots of local arts and business working together to bring the unique flavor and character that is WPB. Over 100 artists will participate this year with a huge closing event party/concert at the end of the festival. For details on submission, volunteering or becoming a sponsor visit and like

Letter of Submission and Guidelines:

Attention Chicago Singer Songwriters!
Submissions are now open to perform at this years “CHILLFEST” being put on by The Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce here in the Wicker Park Bucktown Area of Chicago.
All submissions are to be View full article »

self-promotionWith the rise of social media and ways to talk about yourself in general, self promotion has become a touchy subject. When everyone is yelling, how do you get your voice to cut through? Here’s 5 simple things to think about when you are attempting to catch the eye or ear of new fans or venues.

1) Be Selfless

It’s counter-intuitive, but spending time talking about others and other things besides yourself has massive advantages over “look at me” promotion. Not only do you create good will by spreading knowledge to other people, but you start to make connections that can actually help your own personal network grow and work harder. By posting other band’s music, videos etc, you can start to create community and cross over fans helping everyone involved. Generally, those bands will reciprocate and post your stuff as an added bonus! You can also increase your own knowledge by looking for information that your fans would find helpful. Articles on View full article »

Yep, that’s correct. Every band needs images, it’s essential. Whether you have some now or need your first professionally done set, YOU NEED THIS! Now you can WIN a FREE shoot just by being creative and an bit cheeky! Visit our Facebook page for all the juicy details and submit your entry! Winners will be chosen on Friday 6-7-13 so hurry and get your entries in!

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 2.49.46 PMThere are all sorts of ways to make impressions. For instance, snappy dressing… and face paint, may leave some sort of memory with those that you interact with. Isn’t that right, ninjas?

When people talk about the importance of first impressions, they aren’t kidding. You can “be yourself” and forever be known as the guy who pukes and passes out in the green room before you even play, or you can suck it up for a few minutes and go the extra 10 miles and reap the rewards for years to come. First impressions are a powerful tool in your music career, so wield them wisely.

A side note: If you think that having common courtesy is “selling out” then this article is probably not for you. You’re already doomed. I’ll see you scraping gum off of the sidewalk outside some random fast food joint, just “doin’ you” talking about how your band kicks all other bands’ asses when I go to get my kids some fries and maybe even feel bad, but probably not.

However if you want a fighting chance in this business, you are going to have to View full article »

fishWell, I know you probably hate to hear this, but you HAVE to do some form of social media. Its the way people interact now. Gone are the days of hanging out at the record store or guitar shop. Gone are the days of looking at flyers or even the newspaper for upcoming shows. People touch and connect online and mainly mobile. So while it is great to get out and talk to people and even flyer, here are some things to think about on your quest for that next fan: View full article »

max_hobIn Part 1 we discussed some fundamental pieces you must have in place to begin to consider getting your music played on Pandora, Spotify, Groove Shark and the like. In short, the entire industry is looking for something that someone else has already endorsed. YOUR someone else is going to be your fan base, whether that be local or outside of your area. The key pieces of work here are perfecting your voice (not your actual voice, but your brand, who you are, what you have to say and how you are going to say it), your music (the actual songs and your recording process) and the most important, finding people who want to listen to what you are making.

Interestingly, in this era, you can make your own rules on “good” as long as you can find people who agree with you. No longer are you boxed in by genres, and there-in lies the appeal of services like Pandora. For instance, a band I’ve gotten really into in the last year is View full article »

IMG_4055I get questions like “can you get my songs on the radio” and “can you book me on tour with Radiohead” all the time. For those rational thinkers out there, I am just as confused as you are by inquiries like this. Even slightly less lofty requests baffle me when brought by a band that draws 25 people on a Friday night.

“But you don’t understand! Our music RULES!”

That might be true but before you set off to accomplish some of these larger goals, you must set yourself up in a position to be able to deliver both musically and professionally. Everyone can talk a big game but when it comes time for the big game, do you have the chance to emerge victorious playing by the rules?

The entire music industry is driven by fear and has been that way for a few decades now. By this I mean nobody wants to take a chance, even on something they think is pretty darn good, unless someone else has already done so. “I can’t cool until I hear someone else say you’re cool.”

I don’t have a huge problem with this attitude because for some folks this is only a business and a business is intended to make money or return on investment of time, capital, effort etc.

Artists, put yourself in their shoes. Everyone understands that great or even good doesn’t guarantee anything; not fans, not ticket sales, not merch sold, not downloads and not plays. So people with skin in the business end tend to stack the deck by selecting (or creating) a few acts with the “right” ingredients that they can bake into a “sure fire” product. Part of that stacking is by creating false buzz through radio and media. Its gross, but understandable. Were I more of a fan of money than art, I would do the same thing.

Keeping this in mind will help you set expectations and guide your next steps in almost every stage of your career. Focus on what you need to do. Your job is to create something that communicates with an audience and to find that audience wherever they may be hiding.

This is why radio has been the go to exploder of careers throughout time. Radio is an easy way to let people “discover” music and the more you play something the more people “discover” it because the intersection of someone tuning in at a specific time is relatively random. Radio waves are View full article »

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 1.39.58 PMYep, that’s right. We’re internet rebels, or something like that…

We put different content on our facebook page than we do right here. I know, it’s some sort of sin that the world wide wyzzerd might not approve of, but generally speaking we have some personality disorders that require some form of segmenting our thoughts and actions.  So this is how we deal.

Stories, interviews, reviews and ranting will most likely be done right here, in the place that is now assaulting your eyeballs. How-to’s, tips, tricks, life improving master piece writings of epic something or other, quick concert updates will all be in that Facespacewitter page thing. Give aways and free things will be in BOTH places, kind of like the chance to win THESE FREE TICKETS

If you have interest in things like secrets to self-promotion, writing press releases and generating word of mouth hype, it’s probably best to head over there and hit the hand with only a thumb remaining… BTW what happened to its other fingers? Industrial accident? Crazy gangster initiation? Guess the world will never know.

Also, you can spend some time staring at the fast pace world of our twitter.